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SIDD is Free



I, also, want to apologize here to continue the long delay in updating you. Sidd was released from Western State Hospital on October 13th , but the actual departure and reentry process that the hospital orchestrated was quite traumatizing, and had a domino effect. Until recently, we were still very much reeling from the unwelcoming Sidd and I experienced at the agency that Western State Hospital treatment team chose for Siddharta to be discharged to!

I have added a bit more detail at the end of this email, but this is a Celebration so I want to stay with that vibration first and you can read a bit more details at the end if you desire.

HOW’s SIDD? The Update!

So Sidd is actually now, officially living at home with me. The government housing program did find an apartment for her to live in, but while the agency was making amends, and looking for an apartment, I redesigned my 3 bedroom apartment so that Sidd would pretty much have the main apartment space, including kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom to herself. I have converted my roomy master bedroom into a mini studio, and fortunately it has a patio door entrance to the outside. She seems to like having her private space, but also, having me nearby as an added sense of security, until we get more peer support, and thus she has turned down the GOSH apartment option.

It is heartwarming to see that Sidd is beginning to slowly reclaim some of what was lost during her confinement; she set up her chess set; she’s buying her own groceries and clothes; and every now and then she sings a song! She has requested a computer and agreed she would like to explore computerized music production like she used to do long ago. I have set up zoom lessons with a teacher, that seems super understanding and skilled. Computer should arrive next week and lessons start the day after.

She has had a couple of rough experiences, but I came to the realization that both times it happened within 24 hours of the every 2 week mandated psych drug injection. I am hoping Sidd and I will be able to have a conversation with the prescriber about adjustments that will better support Sidd in the community.

Her voices often bring up Western State Hospital, and her memories seem to haunt her. But her voices also have her laughing and seeming to enjoy each other’s company, now that she feels safe, supported and seen.


Getting Sidd free was the biggest challenge that I faced for the last year. Now, the struggle is, and always has been after discharge, the void of trauma informed, culturally and gender-sensitive support organizations that are not understaffed, over worked, and available, as well as sanctuary homes in the community, where hearts can truly heal and grow strong, while recovering from severe traumatization.


My daughter, Sidd’s sister, had the vision to create the community home that would truly serve Sidd, as well as others, which would include companions for support. As part of a non-profit, she wrote a grant to create an adult family home that will be modeled on compassionate Soteria and PeerRespite principles. She was awarded $300,000 toward the purchase of a house. We will be soon be fundraising an additional, approximately $200,00 to purchase a nice, warm, welcoming home, which will be staffed and operate on the basis of Soteria and Peer Run Respite Principles.