How Safe and Secure? ‚Äč 

 Thank you to all who  participated in our 

Oregon and Washington survey entitled,

"How safe and secure did you feel 

during your psychiatric hospitalization?"

It is now closed.

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Read the survey questions below:

1. How safe and secure did you feel during your psychiatric ward hospitalization?

                             1 star = *Not very safe at all                        10 stars = **********Extremely safe

2. What state were you in the hospital?

3. What is your gender?

4. Year of most recent hospitalization?

5. Admission Status?

6. Did doctors or hospital staff give a clear explanation for your involuntary admission?

7. Reason for most recent hospitalization? (check all that apply)

8. Were you given the chance to contact a patient advocate to help you contest your involuntary commitment?

9. What diagnosis were you given on the psych ward? (check all that apply)

10. What medications were you given on the psych ward? (check all that apply)

11. Were you satisfied with your medication(s)?

12. Did You experience bothersome or harmful drug side effects?

13. Did you experience any of the following unjustified physical punishments or abuse? (check all that apply)

14. You were satisfied with the quality of the psychiatric treatment you received?

15. Were you satisfied with the conduct of the psych ward staff?

16. Were you satisfied with the conduct of the psych ward doctor?

17. Were you satisfied with the conduct of peer support staff?

18. Would you consider your psych ward experience traumatic?

19. How long was your most recent hospitalization?

20. How long was your longest hospitalization

21. Do you feel your psych ward admission saved your life?

22. Did you feel safe and secure on the psych ward?

23. Would you recommend psychiatric hospital/ward treatment to a friend or loved one in crisis?

24. Would you be in favor of safe peer developed and run alternatives to hospitalization?

                     1 star = Not very much 10 stars = Absolutely YES

Please share any additional comments regarding your hospitalization below.

This survey is anonymous and confidential. If you want to give us the option to anonymously share your comments in our summary please mark yes below.

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