70 year old mom and grandmother completed continuous 

40 day Hunger strike  to FREE her son and to expose   the Abusive  Structure of Psychiatric Power in the State of Washington,in general and at Western State Hospital more specifically.


Please read the following and then call or email medical director brian waiblinger's senator with the message below! and if you are interested and have more time another day, please consider following Necro-power

Is Western State Hospital  an example of the Structure of Psychiatric Power in the U.S. that is above the law?

Another name that seems to fit is Necro-power

Read the blogs of WSHRN.net; read the book of Carolyb Sioux _____________; Read the 100 page medicare report of 2016---

the report of ____________, the report of ________________

How else can WA justify keeping an institution that has been declared too dangerous for both staff and patients; that is continuously and dangerously short staffed; and cited for what amounts to medical kidnapping, and yet  be allowed to remain open and receive patients.

Medical Kidnapping becomes False Imprisonment

Becomes Human Trafficing

and We the People are paying the bill and our vulnerable community members are paying the price!

The coverup name is Failed Timely Discharge 

For the 2-minute advocacy, choose one of the following, or if you have a bit more time, call or email all 3 senators

Please call Brian Waiblinger's state Representative



"why is the state of WA allowing a defunded, decertified, institution under the directorship of Brian Waiblinger to remain  open and receive patients; Its reputation is dangerousness for both staff and patients. Siddharta Fisher is an example of  the continued Human Rights Abuse. Please demand the release of Siddharta Fisher according to the discharge plans of June 24, 2021. 

Please call mikhail Zisken's state senator and ask her to

 Demand Siddharta Fisher be discharge according to the discharge plan of June 24, AND

Please investigate   Mikhail Zisken's record of discharging patients...and how doesthe length of "treating: his patients compare to other doctors." Does he have any pharmaceutical contracts where he is rewarded for removing patients from pill form to injectibles

Please call jocselyn RonProgen's State Rep. and ask her to investigate J.R. for her 


Vancouver, WA Community Beware

DSHS has begun the process of applying to the 

Clark County Council to build a campus of three   16 bed hospitals; and yet our streets are filling with homeless people, because of lack of funding for housing, and  food; and our community members are still beinga.

New Walls built do not stop old patterns from infiltrating new walls and continuing

Human Rights Abuse!

We can do better! Soteria Houses, Peer Respite houses, open Dialogue and Dialogic Practices.


Western State Hiospital is seeking a $618 million Dollar Expansion and Yet they have not yet earned back Medicare's Approval.  They have not resolved their delayed discharge practices to meet Medicare Standards. Delayed Discharge Processes is a coverup word for Medical Kidnapping, which results in False Imprisonment.

 DSHS, which owns Western State Hospital is seeking to