Mother's hunger Strike Blog Continues

here are some patients there that have waited more than 20 years on the ready to discharge list. In the past Siddharta has waited one year!

Cindi was determined that this discharge would be expedited as quick as possible for the safety of Siddharta.

However, not having a specific discharge date one month later, Cindi became very concerned about Siddharta's growing frustration at the turtle pace discharge process.

Monday June 28, 2021 Having talked to Siddharta almost everyday, and to 2 social workers at least one to 2 times a week, she knew Siddharta had displayed signs of growing despair at the lack of a date, but nothing to prevent discharge .Finally, after numerous ongoing calls to expedite the discharge and requesting a specific date for his release, this Monday, June 28, 2021, Cindi sent a letter to Western State Administration and Cc'd state officials, advocacy groups, friends and allies! She demanded a discharge date no later than Friday, July 2, 2021 or she would start a Mother's HUNGER STRIKE on JULY $, 2021 for FREEDOM!


Monday, June 28, 2021 Before noon WSH administration called Cindi to tell her the discharge date had been set for Thursday, July 1, 2021. The last step, which was to be by his doctor and treatment team, a team that saw him everyday, was a risk assessment, and would be accomplished before then!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 a WSH Administrator called Cindi to discuss where and when to pick up Sidd on Thursday, July 1, 2021!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 Celebrating, Siddharta and Cindi began making plans on what to do in the first few hours of Sidd's long awaited freedom!

A Cigarette! Real food! Maybe Domino's, maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway sounds pretty good, "Maybe I will just wait until I get out and just think about it!"

Wednesday June 30,2021 less than 24 hours before Sidd's celebratory walk to Freedom, The same WSH administrators called Cindi and told her the discharge date had been blocked!

And not only had the discharge date been blocked, but what felt like an effort to throw a devastating retaliatory vindictive illegal punch in Sid's gut, WSH administrators informed her, the treatment team, (who did the risk assessment had also been completely removed Sidd from the discharge left andtherefore no longer eligible for discharge at all!!!

She questioned the cruelty, mental abuse, and retaliatory, vindictive nature of this egregious Act! And the treatment team had failed to share their decision with Sidd!

What had happened?

After the shock and rage had diminished some, Cindi knew she had to call Sid and break that devastating news to Sidd herself! When she tried to as gently as possible share the conversation that had just occurred, Sidd immediately corrected her and said " No Mom they said I am going home tomorrow! I am being discharged tomorrow!"

After a few short gentle tries 2 help Sidd understand there was not going to be a discharge or going home celebration, she asked of she should she still come tomorrow as they had planned together! An immediate, resounding, YES! Made Cindi know she had to, and would show up and request Sidd's discharge, just as had been planned by the WSH Admin... not knowing when Siddharta would be told officially by the WSH Admin she called every couple of hours to try and be there when the horrific news really hit Siddharta!

Siddharta had gone to bed believing he was going home the next day, even though the 9:00 pm nurse said Sidd had been told late that evening, but Sidd's conversation the next morning with Cindi made it painfully clear Sidd hadn't/couldnt let go of the dream of Freedom!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

When Cindi neared Western State Hospital entrance she called Sidd's social worker to tell her that she would be there in less than a few minutes to pick up Siddharta. She was accompanied by 2 ally activist who ferried her to the entrance of the main office. As they arrived they noticed first one, then two, then three armed security guards look around and walk into the building.

Cindi did as promised and went to the main office and informed them that she was there to pick up Siddharta Fisher, as she had been told the date and time to pick Siddharta up.

Shortly there after 3 WSH administrators and staff met with her in the vestibule of the office area. Cindi called Sidd on the speakerphone and told said she was downstairs 2 take them home, but they are continuing to block his discharghe! Sidd immediately spoke up and said I am supposed to be discharged and today I am supposed to go home! The administrators continued to try to explain the revocation of the discharge and Cindi argued with them about the unjust, cruel, arbitrary, vindictive blocking of Siddharta's discharge!

It appears the psychiatrist on the treatment team for the last 6 months, brought in the medical director, after finding out a Discharge date had been set, over the psychiatrist head, and not only blocked the discharge, but then for no reason that has ever yet been explained to Siddharta or I, suddenly, completely REMOVED HIM from the discharge list! This feels arbitrary, retaliatory, vindictive , racist, and extreme mental abuse Siddharta!