Sidd's Traumatizing Reentry

P.S.  I don’t want to relive the whole story again. Just know that upon arrival, Sidd was herded away, without even being able to stop and talk with me, as I stood there to greet him. Besides preventing her from any communication with me, as she was shuffled down the hall by 3 staff, Sidd was expected to immediately go fill out an hour or two of paperwork. It wasn’t until after intensive advocacy and climbing up the bureaucratic ladder for 2 days that we finally received sincere apologies, accommodations and an attempt the agency to right the many wrongs. It was quite traumatizing for Sidd, exhausting for me, and getting grounded after such a shocking entry has taken awhile. The story was so outrageous that it was recorded by No New Washington Prisons, an advocacy group that was a tremendous support during Sidd’s difficult institutionalization. The recording will be uploaded on their site. But that is behind us now and the joy of his freedom and steps toward healing are what fills our minds, bodies, and Souls! Thank You Everyone!